I will not miss the days where I sit in class listening to country guys talking in thick accents about the rodeo


Never try and tell Denmark Mermaids don’t exist. 

There’s this bass drum player and for some reason I think he’s really cute
I don’t even know his name or anything about him but I can’t help staring at him and asking ‘why are you so cute.’

#ignore me

I have a great yearning for the ship SuNor right now

#ignore me
Why decapitate somebody when you can decapiDATE them?
—Mama Valkyrie

Sorry for the constant absence ;;;;

I met a hetalian and sufin shipper at competition last Saturday and got a hug o w o

#my art

I Don’t know what kind of creature this is but I drew it up one day and I really like it so I’m putting it up here :)

My anaconda don’t

Haven’t had an art update in a while so have this aph Iceland I drew. I’m really fond of the style I drew it in

Metric shifts in Stravinsky’s music



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